Personalized clothing labels that will showcase your work

There are woven labels and custom clothing labels are made with 100% polyester yarn. Many companies offer also an advanced woven garment label downloader tools that allow you to customize your labels with almost limitless possibilities.

All you have to do is provide the company online with your design, your desired options and the company will take care of the rest. They will even ship you and post you the woven labels that will arrive straight to your door or shop.

These specific companies can produce virtually any style or shape of woven label. They support center folds, end folds, book cover folds, miter folds, hanger loops, manhattan folds, and custom laser cut shapes.

If you have an idea for a label or can’t find what you want, you can even let them know and they will do our best to make your design a reality. The clothing labels can be customized to incorporate any design and style and to fit any purpose. 

Hang Tags You Can Be Proud Of

One type of custom clothing labels that are very popular are the custom hang tags that are made from professional grade 280g/m2 Bristol board that can be printed on either one or two sides.

Every hang tag is printed, cut and perforated for stringing, making it easy to attach to your items. Some companies even offer their own twine which they will pre-tie for you, saving you hours of tedious work. 

Some specific companies allow you to make your hang tags with their online creation tool or upload your own design: just like woven tags. Hang tags come in a standard size and shape to keep them affordable for small and medium-sized craftsmen while providing a premium quality, handcrafted branded product.

Composition Labels That Make All The Difference

Another type of custom clothing labels are composition labels that are printed on 100% polyester satin and optimized to last a lifetime of the item you apply them to. There are also simple yet effective creation tools that ensure that your care instructions are readable and include a set of care symbols that can be added to your care label creation with just one click.

Pre-Made Labels Are Shipped Immediately

In many cases, pre-made labels are woven labels produced using the same OEKO-TEX certified manufacturing process as custom woven labels. Whether you are interested in many popular labels such as “100% cotton”, “One size fits all” and “Made in France”. as well as standard size labels like S, M, L and XL and many more, one thing is for certain: you will be able to find whatever you need.

Generally speaking, there are many different shapes and sizes of woven labels and custom clothing labels that will personalize your style and your clothes. These woven labels can take many different forms and serve multiple and different purposes depending on your needs, your desires and your specifications.

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