5 Hairstyles to Wear If You Haven’t Seen Your Hairdresser in Months

Shout-out to everyone who sees their hairdresser more often than their best mates, as I know that it’s been tough going these past few months. While I don’t want to downplay how important it has been to stay at home, there’s no denying that our grooming options have been a little lacklustre. Home waxes, manis and pedis are actually pretty good with a bit of practice, but the facts are you can’t give yourself a proper haircut. And no, watching a YouTube video doesn’t count.

But that’s not to say fashion girls aren’t looking as chic as they used to—nothing is cooler than natural, understated hairstyles, and we’re even seeing a revival of the ultimate bad-hair-day best friend: the plait. There are definitely some standout fashion-girl hair trends that we first spied during last season’s Copenhagen Fashion Week and we’re now spotting all over our Instagram feeds. The best thing about them? They’re all super easy to copy and incorporate into your everyday looks and ideal for co-opting for any bad hair days. Keep scrolling to see more.

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