Do You Need EHIC Card For Travelling?

Do You Need EHIC Card For Travelling?

Sep 19

The season of vacation is upon us, and a lot of people are thinking about spending them abroad. A vast majority of them has the annual travel insurance, but are unsure if they need an E111 card too (apply here). This, actually, is a really good question, because, it would see, that neither the travellers nor the travel agencies really know how to answer it, and that is why reading this article is really important.
People need to understand that having the EHIC card is not a substitute for the additional travel insurance, and these two don’t cancel each other out. And that is why everyone travelling to any of the European countries (or more of them) need to have both of them. If a traveller does not have both, he could find himself in real trouble for not being able to pay for the treatment in case he gets injured or ill in any way.
And now, of course, the confusion comes into play – people just aren’t sure about what each of these two insurance covers. Due to the fact that EHIC is more important, you need to know that this is a type of insurance that allows you to have the NHS’ equivalent in any of the EU 27 countries. Of course, the medical care is not exactly the same as the one in the UK, but you can be sure that you are going to get exactly the same treatment as any other citizen of the country you’re being treated in.
Some journalists have reported that some of the South European countries, like Spain, Portugal and Greece have refused to treat our patients for free, and some of them were even asked to pay for the complete medical bill; others were sent to expensive private hospitals that never take these EHIC cards (apply here). Now, this doesn’t mean that you won’t get any treatment in one of these three countries, but you should still keep an eye out. Also, make sure that your EHIC card is regularly updated, so you don’t travel with an outdated one. And if you show them this updated card, and they still refuse to treat you for free, you ought to make a claim to be treated on the travel insurance you’ve gotten.
You really ought to get an EHIC card is you’re travelling abroad, but this does not mean that you should rely solely on it. It should be noted that this card does not cover all the medical costs. That means that you still might have to pay for your own prescriptions, for the ambulance rides, etc.

Having travel insurance is a great way of attempting to reimburse those costs.
Even though EHIC cards aren’t perfect, they are something that is necessary, and that is why you need them for travelling. Keep in mind that they need to be renewed every 6 months, and make sure that you do it with an official, not via an unofficial website you’ve found online.

Things That May Surprise You About Hair

Things That May Surprise You About Hair

Dec 20

hair careOther people go through great lengths to eliminate their body hair. There’s waxing, shaving, and Wellness Clinic laser hair removal to name a few. While you’re busy trying to get rid of our hair, you might be surprised that there are other uses of hair as well as background information that we may not have heard of until today.

It Can Be Used To Clean Oil Spills

Did you know that hair is great for absorbing oil? In fact environmentalists use it to clear oil spills in bodies of water. This mats of human hair started to be used back in 2007, but the idea began when Phil McCroy witnessed footage of otters doused in oil after the ’89 Exxon Valdez spillage.

Soy Sauce Consist Human Hair

It’s a total setback for any restaurant or food chain when a customer finds even a single strand of hair in their food. But what many people don’t know is that, soy sauce from a Chinese company, used as condiment in almost every dish, is consists of amino acids derived from human hair.

Back In The Day, People Were Asked To Pay Tax If They Grow Their Beard

These days, there are men whose only complain when it comes to their beard is the maintenance. Apparently, razors, shaving cream, and after shave lotion are three things that they have to keep buying. But if they have lived in Russia in the 17th century they would have to spend more if they let it grow because the then emperor of Russia, who wanted to westernize the country, is taxing men 100 rubles a year if they refuse to shave.

Human Hair Was Used As Jewelry During The Victorian Era

If the emperor of Russia in the 17th century didn’t want beards, Victorian era has a different trend. Women then often wore jewelry made from the hair of deceased loved one as a way to commemorate the memory of their loved one.