Vaping: The Last Resort to Smoking

Vaping: The Last Resort to Smoking

May 28

Quitting is one of the hardest thing to do most especially when it comes to smoking. Now, if you are a chain smoker and wanted badly to stop then there exist few various solutions to make it happen. Some people buy patches, nicotine gums and inhalers believing that they could quit smoking through these methods. However, most of the times, these solutions do not take its effect because it gives stressful struggle without the use of real cigarette. If you are one of these persons who feel this struggle, then vaping might be the best remedy to this! With the use of e-cigarettes, you can trick your body system and you can gradually quit smoking in a very easy and mild way. Statistics nowadays shows that more and more consumers are purchasing e-cigars. This means that vaping has become popular not just in the country but in all parts of the world.

What is the difference between vaping and smoking?

Vaping works like the traditional smoking. The only difference is that, this makes use of a device which is operated by a battery. Instead of inhaling the nicotine and tobacco, you inhale vaporized liquids. This means less harmful alternative to traditional smoking. E-cigarettes differ from traditional cigarettes in the sense that they do not comprise of carcinogens such as arsenic and vinyl chloride which are very damaging to the body when taken in high levels. Furthermore, there is no secondhand smoke associated with vaping which makes the people around safe from the bad effects of the puffed smoke.

Is vaping safe?

They said that vaping or the use of the electronic cigarettes is the healthier choice than smoking. However, although there are some manufacturers who claim that e-cigarettes could keep you away from the harmful substances and chemicals, some medical experts refute the said claim. Presently, the debate about e-cigars health safety is still going on.

With regards to the liquid used in the e-cigars, take note that there are only four ingredients that comprise it such as Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine, and flavoring. Vaping is not totally nicotine free. There are e-liquids which offer nicotine levels according to your preference. The dosage could range from zero to higher levels. Take note that this nicotine is an addictive substance and it can cause you withdrawal symptoms if you force yourself to stop using it. So if you are planning to have a complete stop to it, then you need to do it gradually.

Now, to further ensure that the chemicals used in the e-cigar juices are safe, then you need to check on the product labels. There are other manufacturers which produce flavored juices (source: which has a substance called diacetyl, a harmful substance found in low quality juices. Be careful on this and ask for further assistance if you do not have any knowledge about this.


To this end, always remember that there is no harm in trying new things to free yourself from smoking and its harmful effects in the body. Prevention is better than cure, therefore, if you think that vaping is one good way to reduce the risk of health problems caused by smoking, then go for it.

Tips For Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Tips For Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Sep 07

Working or sitting behind the computer is trivial. There are methods using which we can integrate exercise into our hectic schedules, while it’s extremely difficult to give up our jobs. In case you reside in an apartment, make the attempt to walk up your way to your home. Take time off at least two times weekly to work out, 30 minutes every time. Your cardiovascular muscles engage and enhance blood flow, reducing the danger of high blood pressure.

Keep a Healthful Diet
Our food consumption now contain processed foods. Increased affluence has resulted in demand for better lifestyle and foods that seem appealing and taste great. Replace bacon and sausages with fresh meat to go with your Kimbo Coffee. Use natural seasoning like herbs and spices instead of prepacked condiments. In the event you must snack, pick cupped corn over potato chips or apple pieces. Cutting back on salt goes a way towards giving yourself a more healthy body.

anxietyReduce Anxiety
We live in a world that is competitive. The pressure to do in the office and at home brings us tension at a degree never seen before. Lose your work in case you believe you’re burning out and go for a walk. Let your head get some peace and locate a minute of isolation. Better still, set aside each week to spend some quiet minutes on your own. Don’t wait till the pressure begins to develop. Prevention is better than cure.

Prevent Excessive Alcohol
Moreover, alcohol contains calories, which result in weight gain, among the variables resulting in high blood pressure. Plan to lower your consumption slowly with time, in the event you are a heavy drinker. However, expanding your knowledge of alcohol won’t affect your health therefore, visit Twelve By Seventy Five to learn about about your favourite wines. Restrict yourself to only a couple of drinks in the event that you need to drink at social functions. Having less booze places your body on a course towards normalcy and cleanses your system.

stop smokingStop Smoking
Your blood pressure raises immediately although briefly. Plan to stop smoking with time. Lower your amount of cigs slowly till you stop completely. There’s an alternative advantage to be loved: The slow lack of nicotine also reduces your likelihood of getting tempered artery walls and narrow arteries, two important factors resulting in blood clot, which then causes stroke or heart attack.

A few simple changes in lifestyle significantly reduces your likelihood of getting high blood pressure but in addition makes you healthy and feel great!